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Aquila Art Glass is a working studio producing and selling hand crafted fused glass products nationwide to gift stores & galleries. Over the years we have had many requests to teach people how to fuse and slump art glass. So we launched Aquila Glass School.


Aquila Glass School is a fun environment to learn many of the techniques of working with glass. We have a safe place for students to imagine, explore and create at their own pace.

Since Aquila Art Glass is a full time working studio, students have access to all of our tools and resources and there is over 70 hours of open studio time.


Available at Aquila Art Glass are 4 kilns, 21 shapes of slumping molds in 43 sizes, the complete range (445 colors) of Bullseye sheet glass, frits, confetti's and rods to choose from.

Additional tools and resources to the school are 2 kilns, 6 torches, Northstar Rods, and Moretti Rods.

We encourage anyone who is interested or just curious to come by and see the studio and chat with us.


Imagine!      Explore!      Create!


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Aquila Art Group, Inc

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