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We have 3 people use Best Mix in a casting environment with excellent results.

Details - All molds were kiln washed. Lowest temp 1,350. Highest temp 1,500 degrees

I have been experimenting with casting. Here is what I have done:

I used scrap Bullseye broken into smaller pieces with a hammer. (Only the high tech here) I then piled the glass into a Best Mix mold and placed it into the kiln from 1,300 for two hours up to 1,700 for two hours. The mold held up through all of the temperatures. The only issue is at 1,700 degrees for two hours (I wanted the "boiling action) the glass leaked through the kiln wash and picked up a little of the mold surface. At al other temperatures the mold survived just fine.



We have made on 24" square shelf with good results. We are currently in the hunt for a 2 ft x 6 ft piece of float glass to cast a large shelf on. We will get back to you with our results.





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